door lock relay, open frame

door lock relay, open frame
    Part #: 101420-RO
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    This relay is an exact replacement for the OEM relays, and is rated for 40 amps, which is far more than the original relays are capable of. The manufacturer has tested this relay to 100,000 cycles at the maximum rated current. Installation requires some skill with electronics and with soldering on printed circuit boards (PCBs). The functional pin layout is identical to the OEM relays, so no modification to the PCB is required. Two relays are required to upgrade a door lock module. Failure of the OEM relays is the leading cause of damaged or burned solenoids. (If your door lock solenoids have been damaged from this, or from general corrosion, please check out our Wings-A-Loft™ Door Lock Actuator Upgrade System, part number K2500DP).