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Wings-A-Loft™ Door Lock Upgrade Combo. System

Wings-A-Loft™ Door Lock Upgrade Combo. System
    Part #: K2500DP-DC
    Price: $349.95
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    This exclusive system offers the ultimate upgrade for the DeLorean door lock system. New and improved with true "plug 'n play" connections and the new improved digital door lock control unit (DLCU). Replace those heavy, expensive, failure prone, current sucking solenoids 100860 and 100861 with proven, heavy duty, light weight linear actuators (load tested to 36,000 cycles without failure) using custom-designed brackets and linkage. This system will replace the existing components at a much lower cost than original part replacement ($200 less, save $$$). An added benefit of the lighter weight of the actuators relative to the heavy solenoids may be that your torsion bars can be adjusted to a lighter setting, which may extend the life of the torsion bars and door struts as well. This system interfaces seamlessly with any of the Wings-A-Loft™ Remote Door Opening Systems or can act as a "stand alone" upgrade. One Door Lock Upgrade Combo. System will do BOTH doors.