Hub-Centric Rear Wheel Adapters, Pair


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Many DeLorean owners are finding that the addition of current-technology light-weight wheels and performance tires are just what is needed to bring this already timeless automobile design squarely into the 21st century. DPNW is now offering hub-centric adapters for the rear wheels, made from aerospace-grade aluminum with a nominal 25 mm thickness. These quality adapters are �hub-centric, which means that they securely engage the DeLorean hub for maximum security and a vibration-free ride. To ensure optimum safety and reliability, these custom-made adapters are made from wrought 6061-T6 aluminum for the utmost in strength and durability. This kit comes complete with 2 custom-machined adapters with pressed-in high strength studs, and new lug nuts to secure the adapters to the DeLorean hubs. Install your aftermarket wheels onto the adapters using your existing lug nuts. These adapters can be used with or without the existing 3 mm DeLorean spacers. NOTE: The wheel offsets for most aftermarket wheels are close enough to the stock DeLorean front offset that adapters or spacers are not required for proper fit.