Wings-A-Light™ LED Headlight Kit


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This exclusive LED headlight kit features premium quality housings with metal bodies and glass lenses that are certified to European Code (E-code) requirements. The LED bulbs are standard H4 and H1 formats, and are 6000K xenon white in color. With 5400 lumen per lamp, these headlights are 200% brighter than halogen headlights; so the same brightness as an HID headlight bulb.

The LED’s are cooled by 12,000 RPM high speed turbo fans, and feature a limited 1 year warranty for the bulbs, fans, and solid state drivers. This kit comes with detailed instructions, requiring only a minor pin change to the outer position light sockets to bring them up to the standard H4 configuration.

The original headlights in the DeLorean have been described as being “little better than a flickering candle in the wind.” With these LED headlights installed, nighttime driving will be significantly safer and much more enjoyable.

You can check out a side-by-side comparison here; LED versus stock headlights