Wings-A-Light™ Sequential Tail Light Kit


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Manufactured by Drayron LLC, this sequential tail light kit is a drop in replacement for the DeLorean tail light board with no modification to the car or wiring required. It adds programmable turn signal and emergency flasher sequencing as well as a special parade mode animation.

The board features enhanced brightness where the three middle red segments of the DeLorean tail light lens are fitted with dual element lighting. This feature allows all three middle elements to work as both running lights and brake lights. The additional segments increase the car’s running visibility at night and enhance the brake lights both day and night. This heightens the car’s presence and increases awareness.

The boards sequencing is user selectable via on-board switches.
Sweep Mode – single segment sweep across the taillight.
Sequence Mode – all segments sequence on across the taillight (often referred to as Mustang mode).
Additionally the board can be set for brake and running lights to operate as factory original, with the addition of turn signal sequencing.

The kit comes with everything needed for installation, including detailed instructions and the brightest LED bulbs Drayron LLC could find! The kit also comes with a limited 1 year warranty on the tail light boards. Warranty covers any failure of the board’s components assuming the failure is not caused by incorrect electrical connections, modifications to the product, incorrect installation by the customer, or short circuit in the car wiring harness.

Operational videos and additional technical info can be found on the Drayron LLC website.

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