DLCU Door Lock Actuators (set of 2, w/o 3-pin connectors)


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One DLCU door lock actuators kit will do BOTH doors; comes pre-wired, ready to install, re-uses the 3-pin connectors from the solenoids.

Replace those heavy, expensive, failure prone, current sucking solenoids (100860 and 100861) with proven, heavy duty, light weight linear actuators using custom-designed brackets and linkage.

This system is designed for use with your previously installed digital Door Lock Control Unit (DLCU) and will replace the existing components at a much lower cost than original part replacement (save $$$).

An added benefit of the lighter weight of the actuators relative to the heavy solenoids may be that your torsion bars can be adjusted to a lighter setting, which may extend the life of the torsion bars and door struts as well.

This system interfaces seamlessly with any of the Wings-A-Loft™ Remote Door Opening Systems or can act as a “stand alone” upgrade.

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