Front Shock Tower Brace


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This is the original brushed stainless under carpet front shock tower brace developed by DPNW in 2010 and made right here in the USA! The brushed finish looks so amazing, some folks aren’t hiding it under the carpet.

Our goal was to develop a brace that was more effective, added minimal weight (the two upright fittings are aluminum to cut down on overall shipping and installation weight) yet allowed the trunk carpet to lay flat with minimal protrusion into the trunk volume. And apparently we did such a good job that in 2021 the initial design (not the version DPNW currently sells) was copied and produced overseas by a group of DeLorean owners without our knowledge or permission…

Road testing of this brace shows this installation to be very effective in reducing front end deflections when in hard corners and on uneven pavement.

And in addition to allowing the carpet to lay flat, we designed this brace such that it also allows the spare tire to be removed without removing having to remove the brace. In fact, the only time the brace will need to be removed is to replace the brake master cylinder. All other service is possible without disturbing it!

If you are outside of the US, to save on shipping cost we suggest you check out a virtually identical product offered by DeLoreanGo. After selecting your country, simply type “front shock tower brace” into the Search field.