Upgradeable 8-Channel Keyless Entry System*


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*Your central locking system; original Door Lock Module (DLM) or aftermarket Digital Door Lock Module (DDLM) must also be functional. This system cannot fix locking system issues and does not provide components to replace a DLM or DDLM.

This system provides remote keyless entry (remote door lock/unlock). Also includes parking light flash confirmation and the capability to add a starter/ignition kill switch.

With six extra channels the following accessories can be added; Wings-A-Loft™ Remote Door Opening Adapter System to give you remote door opening (door launching/door popping) capability, remotely open your trunk using our Remote Trunk Release System, remotely open or close the windows using our “One Touch” Window Controllers and/or add on our Remote Battery Cut-Off Switch.

The system includes a controller, two 4-button remotes, installation hardware, and complete installation instructions.

The controller comes with a limited lifetime warranty.