Remote Battery Cut-Off Switch – Manual


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This device serves many useful purposes in the DeLorean; In addition to being a good theft deterrent, a battery cut-off switch will extend battery life, prevent dead batteries caused by slow current drains, and prevent short circuits from causing damage to the car’s electrical system. This can be extremely important when a DeLorean is stored through the winter where rodents could chew through the wiring and cause an electrical short.

This switch is operated using a small, hidden toggle switch. Typical battery cut-off switches have unsightly handles or keys, and some require that the battery cover is removed to operate them.

This switch uses a heavy-duty solenoid-style switch that is rated for 500 amps in-rush loads, with a bypass feature to maintain radio presets, clock function, and anything else that requires constant power (like a remote keyless entry, alarm, or remote start controller). The main switch can be installed in the relay or battery compartment and is not visible when installed.

This switch features a limited lifetime warranty.

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