Wings-B-Cool™ Radiator Bleeder Kit (see note)


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NOTE: This kit only allows for bleeding the radiator. For optimal bleeding please refer to K1012DP-x Wings-B-Cool™ Cooling System Self-Bleeder Kit (which include this kit) if your car is not already equipped with a self-bleeding system.

Most self-bleeder kits do a great job of performing this function, but this isn’t the only place that air can become trapped in the DeLorean cooling system. During routine maintenance of the cooling system, or as a result of unexpected coolant loss due to a leak, air can be introduced into the radiator or the heater core portions of the system. This trapped air may not be eliminated by the typical self-bleeder kits, and must be removed as a separate step

The normal technique for releasing this trapped air is to remove the small air bleed hose from a hose barb on the radiator. When the hose is disconnected, any air in the radiator will escape, until coolant flows from the connection, usually all over you! And if your car has an original radiator, great care must be taken to avoid damaging the plastic hose barb.

This kit allows you to eliminate trapped air in the radiator quickly and easily without damaging the radiator. Includes an exclusive in-line valve, clamps, hose and detailed instructions.

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