Wings-B-Cool™ Adjustable Fan Switch


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This quality adjustable switch (replaces 100816 fan switch a.k.a. otterstat) uses a precision-made gas pressure thermocouple for accurate temperature monitoring, and is designed for the extreme environment of the engine compartment. This analog switch allows you to set any temperature between 180 and 240 degrees F for radiator fan activation, giving you the ultimate in control over the DeLorean cooling system in all kinds of weather.

The Wings-B-Cool™ Adjustable Fan Switch comes preassembled on a custom aluminum bracket, and is mounted using an existing bolt. There is no drilling or wiring changes required to install this switch. Simply mount the switch, insert the temperature probe into the nearby cooling pipe, and plug the existing wires onto the terminals. This switch comes complete with detailed instructions and all parts needed for the installation. The original otterstat is left in place.